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Abo - Reine Norwegische Fisch-Kollagenpeptide

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Unsere Ballstad Fisch-Kollagenpeptide werden direkt in Norwegen hergestellt.

Die Ballstad Fisch-Kollagenpeptide sind frei von Zucker, Süßungsmittel sowie Farb- und Aromastoffen. Wegen des neutralen Geschmacks werden die Ballstad-Fischkollegenpeptide gerne verzehrt. Wir empfehlen, täglich 5g Kollagenpeptidpulver (entspricht einem Esslöffel) im Kaffee, in Brühen, After-Workout-Shakes, Smoothies, warmen Soßen, oder Suppen einzurühren.

Wir empfehlen, täglich 5g Kollagenpeptidpulver in Wasser, Kaffee, Brühe, After-Workout-Shake, warmer Soße oder Suppe aufzulösen. 

Correct application

You can consume 5 grams of collagen powder daily by mixing it with 1 glass of liquid of your choice. You can mix it with water, coffee or juice. You can take it at any time of the day. One pack of Ballstad Collagen contains 160 grams.

With this logo, we at Ballstad Germany would like to show that we are a customer of the Green Dot and that we want to fulfill our obligations to participate in the system according to the Packaging Act.

Abo - Reine Norwegische Fisch-Kollagenpeptide
Abo - Reine Norwegische Fisch-Kollagenpeptide
Abo - Reine Norwegische Fisch-Kollagenpeptide
Abo - Reine Norwegische Fisch-Kollagenpeptide
Abo - Reine Norwegische Fisch-Kollagenpeptide
Abo - Reine Norwegische Fisch-Kollagenpeptide

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  • The properties of collagen

    Collagen is a structural protein molecule that ensures the structural support of tissues in the human and animal body and is produced by the body itself.

  • Manufactured in Norway

    Our Ballstad fish collagen peptides are made directly in Norway. One pack of Ballstad collagen peptides is enough for 31 days (when consuming 5g daily).

  • Free of additives

    There are no sugar, no sweeteners and no colors or flavors added to the fish collagen peptides. Because of their almost neutral taste and smell, Ballstad fish colleague peptides are often consumed.

  • Recommended consumption (dosage)

    We recommend consuming 5g daily. To do this, dissolve the collagen peptide powder in 100-150ml of water. Also soluble in fruit juices, smoothies or coffee without clumping.

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We spoke to Odd Roar Olsen, Ballstad's founder, about Ballstad. You can also leave your curiosity and questions in the comments. Strange Roar Olsen; He was born and raised in a small fishing village called Ballstad in northern Norway. This village is located on a small island that is part of the Lofoten archipelago, 200 km above the Arctic Circle, and with a population of about 1000 people, fishing has been the village's main lifestyle for thousands of years, earning income from here. He had to work for everything and earn it.

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